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PostHeaderIcon Transfers Lviv - Warsaw - Lviv

Regular transfers by comfortable vans: LVIV - WARSAW, and WARSAW - LVIV.

15€ / 65 PLZ / 400 UAH

Individual orders to/from the airports MODLIN, CHOPIN, BALICE as well as other destinations in Poland and Europe.

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PostHeaderIcon Adventures in Lviv Region

To get a taste of a real adventure in Lviv, we invite you to take part in our recreational corporate and family trips. This type of recreational vacation is traditionally, and perhaps unfairly, labeled as a corporate vacation which ignores the fact that families, too, often seek real adventures.

The goal of a corporate integration vacation is to strengthen relations between co-workers, increase group morale and thus reinforce the feelings of accountability and improve effectiveness in the workplace. Corporative motivational vacations are another effective tool for a company’s management team – these types of getaways help improve a staff’s efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, a family vacation is simply a great way to have an interesting and unforgettable time in the company of family and friends. Each of these types of recreational vacations feature the same activities, and can be summed up in one word: ADVENTURE!

Rafting in Lviv Region
  • we organize 1-day and multi-day catarafting trips that leave from Lviv. We usually raft along the Stryi and Dniester Rivers
  • our catarafting trips vary in level of difficulty and depend on river types (smooth plain or mountain rivers) and the customer’s previous experiences in rafting
  • we offer rafting trips for big and small groups alike, even for groups with as few as three people
  • we are open to cooperating with companies in organizing thematic corporate rafting trips – be it a river quest or a “pirate adventure” competition
  • we invite families with children as young as eight years old to take trips down slow flowing rivers. The Dniester River Canyon is a great example
  • we are open to working together with travel agencies that organize trips to Lviv; we believe that rafting can be an exciting part of any travel itinerary
  • we invite you sign up for kayaking and rafting classes in Krakow
Trekking in Lviv Region
  • we offer 1-day and multi-day walking tours around the Lviv region and the Carpathians with hotel lodging or camping out in tents
  • we have experienced mountain guides at your disposal and, if necessary, we can organize transfers from Lviv
  • for groups looking for a more physically demanding adventure, we offer a 1-day trip up Mt. Parashka, the highest peak in the Skole Beskids
  • we recommend combining a walking tour with a rafting trip along the Stryi River
Horseback Riding in Lviv
  • we organize trail rides and horseback riding in Lviv, Truskavets, the Carpathians, and in Podolia with experienced instructors and well-tempered, well-trained horses
  • short trail rides and multi-day horseback riding trips for both beginners and more experienced riders
  • multi-day horseback riding trips take place in the Podolia Region along the Dniester, Seret, Strypa, and Zbruch Rivers; on the outskirts of Buchach and Yalivets or the Bukovina Region
  • during trail rides, riders can be accompanied by other participants for a discount price
  • we recommend combing a multi-day horseback trip in the Podolia Region with catarafting along the Dniester Canyon
Biking in Lviv Region
  • we offer one-day and multi-day biking trips around the Lviv area to suit any taste and level of difficulty
  • our biking trip follow routes that pass through the most interesting areas and landmarks: wild forests, beautiful valleys, monasteries, caves, cliffs, lakes, etc.
  • we rent out mountain bikes for large and small groups alike
  • a biking and rock-climbing trip up Devil’s Cliffs in the Lviv area and a visit to the Medova Cave
  • we also offer bike tours accompanied by a guide around the city of Lviv
  • we recommend combining a biking trip with a rafting trip along the Dniester River
  • we offer multi-day biking tours in the Podolia Region and in the Carpathian Mountains with hotel lodging or camping out in tents
Quad in Lviv
  • we offer ATV tours for children and adults, for private clients and big companies, around the Lviv area and in the Carpathians
  • our offer includes equipment rental (helmet, overalls, boots, and gloves)
  • our ATV tour usually follows specially designated trails and routes with varying degrees of difficulty and passes through interesting landmarks
  • per client’s request, we can deliver ATVs to just about any area, location, or town
  • we cater to ATV-themed company and sporting events
Paintball in Lviv
  • we plan both indoor and outdoor paintballing games during the summer and winter
  • paintball is a team-game, so bring your friends – the bigger the group, the lower the cost per person
  • basic equipment is included in the price of the game and consists of the following: paintball marker with tank and loader, mask, a camouflage uniform, gloves, and a safety vest (for women and children)
  • in addition, you can order a photographic documentary of the event and cold beverages or tea
  • for an interesting game and unforgettable time, we organize our games in scenic locations, usually in the Lviv area
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