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Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

To get to the Armenian Cathedral take Drukarska Street on Rynok Square and then turn into Virmenska (Armenian) Street. If you want to have a better view of the Cathedral, start with the "Armenian courtyard", which connects Virmenska and Lesy Ukrainky Streets Have a seat on the stairs under the St. Christopher's column (by Christopher Augustynovych, 1726) and feel the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

The heart of "the Armenian world in Lviv consists of the Cathedral, Archbishop's Palace, belfry and the premises of the former convent. The foundation of the Cathedral was laid in 1363. Jacob from Kaffa and Phanos from Gaisarants were the first benefactors of the project. Historians surmise the Cathedral was designed by an Armenian architect named Dorhi (better known as Doring), who actually copied the cathedral in Ani, the ancient capital of Armenia.

Armenian Church in Lviv

The edifice has undergone several reconstructions, yet the most significant changes were introduced in 1723 when it was adorned with the decorations in the Late Baroque style. The belfry, located close to the Cathedral, was erected in 1571 according to the designs of the architect A. Krasovsky. The Cathedral's interior is richly embellished with mosaics by J. Mehoffer (1912). Special attention is drawn by the Trinity, a mosaic composition on the inside of the dome, and the modernist frescos by Jan Rozen, executed in 1925-1929 at the request of Ju. Teodorovych. In the altar part the Armenian crosses, the khachkars (XIV-XV), can still be observed. The last restoration of 1908 revealed the frescos that are considered the oldest in Lviv. In the altar fresco, the Last Supper, Judas is allegorically represented in the form of a shade.

The cathedral's courtyard is covered with tombstones - the remains of a cemetery. The interior and exterior of the walls are decorated with epitaphs, one of them stating that the Patriarch of Armenia Stephan V died in Lviv in 1551. Of a special interest might be the carved composition of Calvary (mid-17th century). Pope John Paul II visited the Armenian Cathedral during his pilgrimage to Lviv.

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