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Major Events in Lviv’s History

1256 The first written reference to Lviv

1349 Lviv becomes part of the Polish state

1356 Self-rule under the Magdeburg Law granted to Lviv

1381 The first written reference to the City Hall

1445 Construction of Defense Towers completed

1527 The Great Fire

1555 Decree on the conservation and cultivation kleparovskih chereh - a unique hybrid of cherries, which only appear in Lviv. They are known as Kleparover Suss-weichsel - in Germany and Griotte de Kleparow - in France.

1572 Construction of the Ensemble of the Assumption Church began.

1574 The first book printed in Ukraine – «The Apostle» by Ivan Fedorov

1586 Statutes of the Uspens'ke (Assumption) Brotherhood approved

1648, 1655 Sieges of Lviv by the Cossack Army headed by B. Khmelnytskyi

1661 Foundation of Lviv University

1704 Assault and plundering of the town by the Swedish army of King Karl XII

1761 Completion of construction of St. George's Cathedral

1772 Lviv annexed to Austria

1776 Publishing of the first newspaper (weekly) in Ukraine «Gazette de Leopol»

1777 Dismantling of the old city fortifications began

1786 Foundation of the Lychakiv Cemetery

1817 Foundation of the Ossolineum (now the V. Stefanyk Scientific Library)

1835 City Hall completed

1836 Leopold Sacher-Masoch born in Lviv, one of the most famous European and world writers.

1842 Opening of Skarbek's Theatre (now M. Zankovetska Theatre)

1844 Opening of the Technical Academy

1848 Events of «The People's Spring»

1853 Invention of the world's first kerosene lamp in Lviv

1858 Installation of gaslights in the city streets

1861 Opening of Lviv - Przemyśl Railway

1868 Foundation of the Prosvita (Enlightenment) Society

1870 Return of Self-Government to Lviv

1874 Foundation of the Arts and Crafts Museum

1883 Telephone communications began

1887 Foundation of Stryis'kyi Park

1893 Creation of the Historical Museum

1894 Regional Exhibition and start of operation of electric trams

1897 The first automobile on the streets of Lviv

1900 Installation of electric lights in the streets and start of a water supply

1900 Opening of the new City Theatre

1905 Foundation of the Ukrainian National Museum

1914-1915 Occupation of Lviv by Russian troops

1918, Nov. Lystopadovyi Chyn (November Act) and Ukrainian-Polish armed struggle for Lviv

1921 Opening of «Targi Wschodnie» (Eastern Trade Fair)

1928 Professor of Lviv University, Rudolf Weigl invented a vaccine against typhus.

1930 Lviv Radio Broadcasting Centre starts transmission

1936 Unemployment Demonstrations

1939-1944 World War II

1943 Murder of Jews in the Ghetto by Nazis

1944, July Soviet control returns to Lviv

1946 Abolition of the Greek-Catholic Church

1952 The first trolleybus line in operation

1953 Creation of B. Khmelnytskyi Park

1957 TV Station begins broadcasting

1964 Unveiling of the I. Franko Monument

1972-1973 Arrests and trials of the dissidents

1980 Start of construction of the Sykhiv residential district

1980 Building of a new Bus Terminal

1988 The first Patriotic and Anticommunist meetings

1989 Resumption of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church activities

1990, April The first session of the democratically elected City Council

1992 Unveiling of the T. Shevchenko monument

1994 Unveiling of the M. Hrushevskyi monument

1996 Building of the Palace of Arts

1998, Dec. The Historic Centre of Lviv inscribed on UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List

1999, May Summit of Presidents from Central and Eastern Europe

2001, June Apostolic Visit of Pope John Paul II

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