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PostHeaderIcon Parks and Green Areas in Lviv

Each year more and more tourists come to Lviv individually. It has become trendy to explore walking paths of Ukraine independently, without assistance from a tourist company, guide, etc. This backpacking trend has come to Ukraine from Western Europe, where travelers have always been able to move whenever they wish, not only within, but beyond their countries. Therefor the descriptions of Lviv green areas and walking paths may be very useful for trackers and walkers. Marked routes would make tracking and walking easier and safer and information boards along the routes enables to learn more about the area of traveling, but not all of the walking paths are so well developed.

Lviv with its hilly landscape has always been attractive because of park and green areas. In the park areas of Lviv there are a lot of historical, archeological, cultural, natural attractions, which capture both Ukrainian tourists and guests from abroad.

This page describes green areas of Lviv, suitable for walking; as well as provides brief descriptions of some Lviv walking routes.

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1 Walking Routes in and around Lviv 18043
2 Lviv Cycling Routes 13834
3 Park Zalizna Voda 6714
4 Park Pohulyanka 7087
5 Vynnykivskyy Woods 7000
6 Park Vysokyy Zamok 9256
7 Stryiskyy Park 8842
8 Znesinnia Park 7977
9 Kaiserwald 9838
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