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Park Pohulyanka is a green area of Lychakiv administrative district, with Zelena, Pohulyanka, Vakhnyanyna, and partly Pasichna streets and Botanic Garden of Lviv national university around the park. By the beginning of the 19th century the lands had been the outskirts if the city, where villas of rich people were built. In 1821 a rich man Jan Distl bought Pohulyanka and laid down a park. But he did not enjoy it for long, and in the middle of the 19th century the park with all territory was bought be Jan Klien. He started to arrange the area, dried the pond and built a small brewery. The brewery happened to be very profitable, and in the park he set forth one of the most popular restaurants. The owner stopped paying much attention to the park, which was growing into a forest. Anyway the main alley remained a promenade place for rich people until 1939 (perhaps giving the name Pohulyanka to the whole park).

Pohulyanka Park

In 1940 new Soviet authorities decided to organize here a city park of rest and recreation. The project did not come into effect because of the 1941-1945 war between Russia and Germany. An after war General Reconstruction city plan of 1946 was a replica of the before the war version, but architects Shvetsko-Vinytsky and Sokolov defended their stance to arrange the city park between Vitovskogo and Stryiska streets. The later reconstruction of Pohulyanka did make changes into the landscape. While laying a new Cheremshyny street toward direction of Vakhnyanyna street, a part of Lychakiv cemetery was artificially added to Park Pohulyanka. A building of Palace of Children and Youth of Halychyna was built left to the park entrance.

Today's Pohulyanka is a park with arranged central alleys and ponds. Sport orienteering, running, cycling, and skiing competitions regularly take place there. The park has been one of the most famous recreational places in Lviv.

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