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Stryiskyy Park in Lviv

The area of Stryiskyy Park (form Park of Kilinski) is 52 hectares. It is situated in Frankivskyy and Halytskyy administrative units of Lviv in Sophiyivka area (near St.Sophia Church), and limited by Ivana Franka street, Stryiska street, Kozelnytska street, Samchuka street. According to horticulture canons of that time the park was designed as three landscape zones: lower layers (along the ravine, formed by the Soroka stream), wood and park zone on the slopes, and upper terrace (area of former Eastern Fair pavilions). There are more than 200 species of plants and trees; an orangery, a rock garden there. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks of Lviv, attraction of horticulture art of national importance, which used to be the most beautiful park in Poland in the period between wars. The park was designed by horticulture specialist Arnold Roering in 1876-1877; and in 1879 works started. 40 000 trees of various kinds were planted; some of them (red oak, tulip tree, ginkgo) were exotic. In 1888 sculptor Julian Markowski, from a specially brought monolith, started a monument to Jan Kilinski, which was opened on 18th June 1895.

Stryiskyy Park

Originally the park area was within the ravine area. But in 1894 for the Regional Trade Fair an open space of the upper layer was used: pavilions built, and first electric tram line was launched (later it was T-route, connecting railway station with Eastern Fair).

The Eastern exhibition-fair was taking place from 1922 till World War II. Narrow railroad was connecting the Fair with Persenkivka railway station to carry goods and passengers. In 1951 the railroad was partly dismantled and used for Lviv Children's Railroad.

Stryiskyy Park

In the beginning of 70s tram route Ne10, which connected city centre with Kozelnytska street, was terminated; and rails dismantled. 'There are some fragments of them in the upper part of Ivana Franka street. Approximately at the same time a fire devastated most of pavilions of the former Exhibition Fair. The remaining pavilions, which survived and were renewed, now serve as sport venues of Lviv Polytechnic University (buildings of former Palace of Arts and Raclav panorama); main building of Ukrainian Academy of Design, a restaurant, Lviv Chamber of Trade and Commerce, a bar, not functioning today. Near the main entrance (Parkova street) on the central alley, connecting upper and lower terraces, there is a small pond with swans. There are always a lot of people here; it is a popular place for photo-shooting for just married couples.

In 2008 in the upper part of the park the first skate-parkin Ukraine was opened; whereas all paths and alleys are used for walking and cycling routes. Since 2009 the park has been undergoing reconstruction works on improving external lighting and rebuilding alleys. There is a cinema there, built in Soviet times.

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