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Vynnykivskyy Woods (or Mayorivka Park) is a wooden area from Mayorivka district in Lviv to Vynnyky. Vynnykivskyy Woods, total area of which is 2799 hectares, is located on the Roztochchia hills. The area of natural reserve is 848 hectares; prevailing trees are pine and beech.

Devil's Rocks

In the forest there are the Devil's Rocks, different is size and height, of 414 meters above the sea level, a sand Medova cave, and an artificial Vynnykivske (former Komsomolske) lake. Vynnykivskyy Woods is popular among cyclists, tourists and climbers, who regularly train on the Devil's Rocks. It is a modern name, as their former name was Sentinel Rocks, as sentinels here were on alert to warn about Tatars approaching. The modern name is partly explained by a popular legend about Devil carrying a big stone to throw it onto St George Cathedral. But frightened by the cathedral bells, Devil fell down, and the heavy burden made him sink under ground. Some historians think that original Lviv must have been founded near the Devil's Rocks, as they were the highest point around. And the fire in Holm in 1256 could have been seen only from here. It is difficult to say if there were some fortifications on the rocks, but the legends say about a castle of a nobleman Igor Orlynyy. Maybe because of that one of the Devil's Rock has a name of Orlyne Gnizdo (Eagle's Nest). Recently the archeological excavations, conducted by specialists from Institute of Ukrainian Studies of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, discovered an old hunting camp-settlement on the territory of Lviv, and excavated material items from King Danylo times. During the war under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytskyy, according to historians, his army was camping near Devil's Rocks. From this place Bohdan Khmelnytskyy launched an attack on the city. This fact is reflected in name Tabory (Camps) near Lysynychi.

Residents of Vynnyky and Lysynychi think that Devil's Rocks defend the area against storms and hail. When clouds cover the rocks, it is a sign for long bad weather. They joke that the Devil is smoking his pipe.

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