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Park Vysokyy Zamok or Park on Zamkova Hill in Lviv (total area is 36,2 hectares) is one of the most beautiful places for recreation; an example of horticulture art of local importance. The park is a natural reserve and heritage of Ukraine. It was laid down in 1835 on the slopes of Zamkova (Castle) Hill, just a road across Znesinnia Park. Similar to Znesinnia Park, broad-leaved trees, such as chestnut, ash tree, maple, sycamore, linden tree, birch, poplar, acacia, pine tree prevail. The boundaries of Vysokyy Zamok area are formed by Kryvonosa street, Opryshkivska street, Zamkova street, and Pidzamche railway station.

Park Vysokyy Zamok

The Park is formed with two terraces. On the lower terrace there is a central 400-hundred-meter long alley, house of gardener, and monument to Maxym Kryvonos, whose military unit seized the fortress on the top (for the first time in its 300-year-history) during Bohdan Khmelnytskyy's siege; two restaurants, one low sightseeing cite, which enables to see a panorama of downtown. In the western part there is also an artificial grotto from 19th centuries with two stone lions and steps to a low hill. The upper terrace is crowned with a mound with a sightseeing platform (413 meters above the sea level), built in the period of 1869-1900 by Polish community to honour 300th anniversary of Union of Lublin. Lower and westward from the mound there are remains of a defensive wall. In the 14th century King Kazymir built the Castle, which was eventually ruined by Swedish king Karl XIII in 1704. Remaining stone from the ruined castle was later used to build the mound. Opposite to the Mound there is a TV Centre and TVTower, which is 192 meters high; and a stone lion, taken here from entrance to the City Hall in 1874. The lower and upper terraces are connected with a road, eligible only for vehicles of TV Centre; and two flights of steps from south-eastern and western sides of the Castle.

Park Vysokyy Zamok

On the northern slope there is a spring of natural water, a chapel, and road to Saint Basil Monastery and Saint Onufriy Church, the latter is located at the western slope on Bohdana Khmelnytskogo street.

Due to its central location there has never been a lack of tourists, who'd like to see the city from the top of the hill, no matter what the weather or season is like. Vysokyy Zamok suits well the whole family, as there is a lot of space for walking, availability of playgrounds, a number of out-doors cafes and restaurants. Lovers of cycling can choose the Park for cycling there or as a transit route to Znesinnia Park and Kaiserwald.

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