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Zalizna Voda in Lviv

Park Zalizna Voda (total area 19,5 hectares) is located in the Sykhiv administrative district of Lviv between Stusa street, Myshugy street, Ternopilska street, Yaroslavenka street. Since 1984 it is a horticulture attraction of local value. Originally the Park had a name of Gabriel Narutovych, the first President of II Polish Republic, who was killed in 1923. The park was laid down in 1905 in the city outskirts and it was a recreational area starting from the end of the 19th century. Here on the north-eastern slopes of Lviv plateau the river Poltva starts its run. Numerous cases of marls explain a big number of springs. The very name of the park (Iron water) testifies to a big quantity of iron in the springs.

Zalizna Voda

Near the park there used to be a pond of Kaminski, which in 1930s was rebuilt into a pool with mineral water. This pool is functioning today, and it is hundreds of meters close to tram Ns4 stop, although with different source of water. In the park in the 1930s the summer theatre of Franz Krater was staging plays. The upper terrace was planned as park for sport events, fun and games, patriotic training. In the northeastern part of the hill a basement was completed to build a Cathedral. Breaking of the WWII intervened with the pla ns. After the war the basement was used for sport complex «Trudovi rezervy»with an indoor swimming pool and other facilities. Plans to transform the upper layer of the park into sport activity area did not succeed either, as in 1930s architectTadeusVrubel designed and built a row of villas between Tseshynskogo (Now Ternopilska) and St Sophia (now Yaroslavenka) streets.

The old apple garden on the territory of the park seems to be the only remains from the former Snopkiv village. Among the park flora, arranged in 1920s, beech trees, oak trees, birches, poplars, willows, decorative plants and shrubs prevail. Most of paths traverse the slopes or go along the upper terrace. They are suitable for cycling, although need better care. On the final turn of Sventsitsitsky street in the former monastery building now there is an administrative office of Ukrainian Catholic University. Deep in the park on a gentle slope there were ski training lessons for youth and children, conducted by the «Carpathian Ski Club», renewed in 1989. This place remains popular among ski lovers, who for various reasons, have to stay in Lviv for winter weekends.

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