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Our basic package includes transportation, accommodations, meals, and an introductory excursion around Lviv. In addition, we give our guests the opportunity to decide how they want to spend their extra time in Lviv. Our guests can choose from the best itineraries that are sure to please everyone’s palate – from interesting thematic excursions around Lviv to adventure-filled rafting, biking, and/or horseback riding trips.

Discover Lviv, Olesko, Podhorce and Zolochiv on an unforgettable 4-day tour with one of Lviv’s best hotel as your base. On a sightseeing tour you’ll see all the cultural giants that give Lviv its enticing reputation. Visit the UNESCO-listed Lviv's city center, see Rynok Square and climb Ratusha, visit all main churches of Lviv.

Begin your 4-day tour by checking into one of the most comfortable Lviv’s hotel – your base for three nights in the city. Centrally located for total convenience, the hotel boasts outstanding facilities with a prestigious wellness center. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the hotel and its surrounding area in between day trips.

Contact us to check pricing & availability on your preferred travel date. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible.

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Noble Casino in Lviv

This excursion takes place in the building known today as the House of Scientists, located at 6 Lystopadovoho Chynu St. The former Gentry Casino is one of the most luxurious buildings in Lviv and perhaps in Ukraine, and is an ideal example of the rococo architectural style with its absolutely exquisitely decorated interior.

The building was designed and built to be a casino from the get-go, and entire fortunes were once won and lost here. Grandiose balls organized for the local elite also took place in the Gentry Casino. This tradition has recently been renewed: today, balls such as the “Chocolate”, “Flower”, and “Velvet” balls, amongst others, take place here.

The interior of the Gentry Casino has been fairly well-preserved and remains in quite good condition. The casino is a popular spot for filming movies, one of which was the soviet film “d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”.

  • The duration of the excursion: 1 hour.
Lviv Coffee

If cities were flavors, Lviv would probably taste like a great cup of coffee. All of the most important events that happened in the city of Lions started with a cup of coffee. This ancient drink has heard its fair share of Lviv’s secrets. Immerse yourself in the history of coffee in Lviv, visit the places where Lviv’s first cafes once stood, discover where the best Lviv-style coffee is made, experience the true taste of real Lviv coffee and you will soon understand why Lviv is the coffee capital of Ukraine.

After the excursion, per request, we can organize a coffee degustation in the café “Shtuka”, during which you will get the opportunity to enjoy the aroma and taste of four types of coffee: an arabica, a robusta, a flavored arabica, and a house blend.

  • Excursion duration: 1 hour
  • Degustation duration: 1 hour
Tram in Lviv

It’s impossible to picture Lviv without its trams. For Lviv, the tram is not just a way to get around; it’s one of the city’s greatest symbols. Lvivites have been listening to the resonant rattling of tramcars for over 130 years. The tram was Lviv’s main mode of public transport until the 1950’s. Although it is no longer the number one choice of transportation in Lviv, the tram still remains the quaintest way to get around the city.

During our excursion, you’ll be able to see where Lviv’s first electric tram began its journey and you’ll find out why the women of Lviv threw rotten eggs at it. Your guide will also tell you about how hitchhikers were once punished for not paying tram fares, how you can differentiate Lviv trams from other cities’ trams, and a lot of other interesting facts about the history of Lviv’s tram system.

Your tour guide will be Oleksander Arystarkhov, who used archived photos to help recreate the uniform Lviv tram drivers wore in the 1920’s.

  • Excursion duration: 1 hour
Opera Theatrein in Lviv

The central jewel in the crown of the city is without a doubt Lviv’s Opera House. Anyone who has not had the chance to visit Lviv’s Opera House has not really felt the true grandeur of the capital of Galicia. The Lviv Opera Theater captivates every visitor with the richness and elegance of its interior and exterior décor. It is truly a temple of culture and art, created by the best architects, sculptors, and artists, a stage on which the best actors and singers have performed.

Please note! Per request, we can reserve tickets for you to see a show and you may stay afterwards to tour the theater. For more details on the theater’s current repertoire, visit www.opera.lviv.ua or call +38(032) 235-65-86.

  • Excursion duration: 1 hour
Potocki Palace in Lviv

The influential Potocki family left behind the most luxurious residential palace ever built in the city. It is one of the biggest palaces in Ukraine, built in the French neo-baroque style of palace architecture.

Over the course of more than a hundred years of its existence, this building was not only the Potocki’s residency, but was also the residency of a President of Ukraine. It was also unofficially named the Palace of Happiness, due to the countless number of young couples that have united their hearts in the palace. Today, the building is home to several expositions of the Lviv National Art Gallery.

You’ll immediately feel the unforgettable charm of this majestic palace as you walk through its state rooms adorned with meticulously restored fireplaces, chandeliers, crown molding, decorative lattices, and parlor mirrors. Don’t miss the Art Gallery’s priceless exhibits, which include works by Italian, French, Dutch, German and other artists dating back to the 16th-18th centuries.

  • Excursion duration: 1 hour
Undergrounds in Lviv

Fans of all things old are welcome to plunge into the mysterious world of three of Lviv’s legendary underground passages. You’ll first enter through an old baroque wrought iron door and visit the catacombs located under the former Jesuit church of Peter and Paul; you’ll take a look at the remains of the 14th century royal walls, some frescos dating back to 1742, and an engraved 18th century alabaster sarcophagus.

Then you’ll spend some time in the catacombs of the Church of the Transfiguration. Here you’ll find the largest accessible underground halls in all of Lviv. The Church of the Transfiguration was built on the site of an old church of the Trinitarian Order. The now non-existent church used to buy out Christians from Muslim captivity.

And last, you’ll visit the catacombs of the Dominican Monastery. Historians believe that it once was the first story of a palace belonging to Prince Lev Danylovych. Here you can check out a torture chamber and the cell of an ascetic. In addition, you’ll hear the mysterious history of the people associated with this crypt.

  • Excursion duration: 1 hour
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