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Regular transfers by comfortable vans: LVIV - WARSAW, and WARSAW - LVIV.

15€ / 65 PLZ / 400 UAH

Individual orders to/from the airports MODLIN, CHOPIN, BALICE as well as other destinations in Poland and Europe.

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Unpredictable Lviv Weather

While traveling in Lviv it is always better to carry an umbrella with you. Lviv is famous for its unpredictable weather. On average 174 days per year bring precipitation to Lviv - that is every second day. The was a known proverb in the Soviet Union for the adverse weather: "three L" - what meant London, Leningrad and Lvov.

Relative humidity in Lviv is high all year around, that is for fogs in Lviv are so common, esspecially in autumn. Lviv has the highest amount of precipitation and the lowest summer temperatures among all regional centers of Ukraine. Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity also are typical for the Lviv weather. Frequent thunderstorms and extreme temperatures often happen during the summers. Stormy weather in Lviv is nothing unusual too - for instance 4 persons died in the hurricane in summer of 2008. But autumn weather in Lviv is moderately warm and dry.

The central part of Lviv is located in the valley and thus for its microclimate typical are lower minimum and higher maximum temperatures. Outskirts of Lviv - the contrary - are situated on high grounds and because of that they are opened for strong winds. Typical for Lviv weather is mzhichka - light rain in the highly humid air. Mzhichka can occur at any time of year. In connection with global warming, average temperatures the past century has increased by about 1° C - the winter and spring became warmer, whereas summer and autumn temperatures have not changed.

Lviv Weather Forecast

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