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PostHeaderIcon Museums of Lviv

Within Lviv's high quality, varied museums, you can see an incredible range of amazing objects: one of the finest collections of cold arms; national costumes – both new and antique; old Lviv pharmacy equipment etc.

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Lviv is a real treat for museum lovers. There are many to choose from, including the Historical Museum, the Arsenal Museum and Lviv Art Gallery. Below is a list of Lviv's museums – the big venues with incredible collections that any visitor to the city would be sorry to miss.

But Lviv's museums offer a lot more: from prehistory and antiquities to totally contemporary art. Besides they are not expensive at all, so it won't cost you much to see all that they have to offer.

Remember that:

  • Museums usually open from 10am to 4pm
  • Museums in Lviv usually closed on Monday or Tuesday and public holidays
  • Most large museums have a boutique offering books and items.

Museums and exhibitions in Lviv are so numerous that you will have to selected the places not to miss during a short stay in Lviv. You can find all museums on Lviv in our list:

Lviv's Museums

1.Historical Museum: 4.6.24 Rynok Square

2.Arsenal Museum: 5. Pidval'na Street

3."Literary Lviv of the first half of the 20th century" Museum: 18. Hvardiys'ka Street

4.Lviv Art Gallery: 3, Stefanyk Street

5."Rusalka Dnistrova" Museum: 40. Copernicus Street

6.Museum of Art of the Ancient Ukrainian Book: 15a, Copernicus Street

7.Museum of Lviv Ancient Relics: Starvi Rynok Square

8.Boims Chapel Museum: I, Katedral'iia Square

9.Pinsel Museum: 2. Mytna Square

10.National Museum in l.viv: 20, Svobody Avenue

11.National Museum in Lviv: 42. Drahomanov Street

12.0. Novakivs'kvi Art Memorial Museum: 11. Lystopadovyi Chvn Street

13.O. Kulchyts'ka Art Memorial Museum: 9,Lystopadovyi Chyn Street

14.L. Levyts'kyi Art Memorial Museum:

10,Ustyyanovych Street

15.I. Trush Art Memorial Museum: 28, i. Trush Street

16.Museum of Ethnography and Crafts: 15, Svobody Avenue

17.Furniture and Porcelain Museum: 10, Rynok Square

18.Museum of History of Religion: 1, Muzeyna Square

19.Pharmacy Museum: 2, Drukars'ka Street

20.Museum of History of Galicia Medicine: 3. Karmclyuk Street

21.Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (Skanscn): 1, Chernccha Hora Street

22.State Natural History Museum: 18. Teatral'na Street

23.Zoological, Mineralogical and Geological Museums of Lviv University: 4. Hrushevs'kyi Street

24.Archaeological Museum of Lviv University: 1, Universytets'ka Street

25.Archaeological Museum attached to the Institute of Ukraine studies: 24, Vynnychenko Street

26.S. Knishel'nyts'ka Musical Memorial Museum: 23. S. Knishel'nyts'ka Street

27.S. Lyudkcvych Musical Memorial Museum: 7. S. Lyudkcvych Street

28.I. Franko and M. Hrushevs'kyi Literary-Memorial Museums: 150 152 154.I. Franko Street

29.Museum of History of the Pre-Carpathians Military Area Forces: 88, Stryis'ka Street

30.Museum of Ancient Graphic Techniques: 8, Yu. Drohobych Street

31.Museum of Metrology and Measuring Instruments: 38, Knyaz' Roman Street

32.Museum of History of Lviv Railway: 54/56. Fcd'kovych Street.

33.Municipal Museum of Lviv Modem Art: 1, Rynok Square (Town Hall)

# Article Title Hits
1 Lviv Historical Museum 6913
2 Lviv Art Gallery 8541
3 National Museum in Lviv 7340
4 The Museum of Ethnography and Crafts 6718
5 The Museum of History of Religion 5714
6 The Museum of Folk Architecture (Skansen) 5851
7 The State Natural History Museum 5034
8 The Solomiya Krushel'nyts'ka Musical Museum 4687
9 The Ivan Franko Literary Museum 5738
10 The Museum of the Town of Vynnyky 5220
11 Other Museums in Lviv 6047
12 Museum of Brewing 5285
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