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The Lviv Art Gallery (called the Lviv Picture Gallery till the fourth of February 1998) is the biggest artistic museum of Ukraine where unique works of painting, sculpture, graphic, decorative-applied art of West and East European countries from the Middle Ages to modernity are collected. The total number of exhibits of the collection is over fifty thousand.

At the beginning of 1907 the collection of West European art by I. Yakovych, Ukrainian sugar magnate was bought by means of town council. On the fourteenth of February 1907 Yakovych's collection was moved to Lviv and this date is considered to be the day of foundation of the museum. In 1914 the building n.3 in Stefanyk Street (former Ossoliriski Street) was bought for the gallery. This house belonged to W. Loziriski, a professor of Lviv University, a historian and a collector. There preserved the interiors decorated in the late 19th c. - the so-called salon with stucco moulding, for instance.

After reorganization of Lviv museums in 1939-1946 parts of the collection of the Lubomirski museum, the Stauropegion brotherhood, the Baworowski Library were turned over to the gallery.

During the 1960-90s the Lviv Picture Gallery was turned into a significant museum centre. Because of the lack of exhibition space a considerable part of the works is put away into reserve repositories: West European sculpture of the 15-18th c., a collection of drawings of Old Masters of the 16-18th c. (G.B. Tiepolo, F. Guar-di), miniatures of the 17-19th c., a collection of Russian art of the 18-20th c., a collection of Lviv art of the 18th - the first half of the 20th c., works of modern Lviv artists.

The collection of European art in the Lviv Art Gallery is one of the largest in Ukraine.

The Collection of Italian Art

The collection of Italian art represented by the works of the 14—18th c. takes an honourable place. Among classic examples of Italian Renaissance painting there are pictures "Ecce Homo" by Leonardo da Vinci school, "The Portrait of an Astronomer", (1512), Marco Basaiti and "A Man's Portrait" which is ascribed to Titian.

The only in Ukraine unique work of the first in the history of art woman-artist, who has got the world fame Sofonisba Anguiscio-la's "The Portrait of a Young Noblewoman", 1558 is kept in the collection of the gallery.

A composition "Coral Fishing" (about 1590) by Jacopo Zucchi is no less unique for the hidden symbolic theme. The picture is known in some versions, the Lviv one being the only to have a genuine author's signature, and it has the depiction of the customer's portrait as well. Ferdinando Medici, the great Duke of Toscana was the customer.

An important place in the collection is taken by the works of famous representatives of Venetian school of the 17-18th c. -B. Strozzi, S. Ricci, G. Diziani, P.-A. Novelli, B. Belotto.

German Art

German art is represented by the works of the 15-18th c. One of the best examples of late Gothic style is the image of the three Saints - St. Mary Magdalene, St. Odilia and St. Clara by an unknown master of the late 15th c. of M. Schongauer's school.

Austrian Art

The Lviv Art Gallery has one of the largest in Europe and the richest in Ukraine collections of Austrian art of the Baroque epoch. Exalted dramatic expressiveness stipulated the peculiarities of this art school.

Picturesque sketches for monumental paintings made by outstanding Austrian masters of the 18th c. P. Troger, F.A. Palko, J. Winterhalter, M. Unterberger, M. Knoller, F.A. Maulbertsch deserve the special attention.

Franch Art

The only in Ukraine work by Georges de La Tour "At the Usurer's" (before 1620) is the pearl among the remarkable artistic values. It is one of about thirty world preserved pictures of this mysterious in the history of European art master, who worked in Lorraine in the early 17th c.

Among other pictures of French school "The Portrait of Austrian Empress Maria Theresia" (about 1762) by unsurpassed master of pastel technique J.-E. Liotard and "The Interior of a Rome Temple" of one of the first proclaimers of Romanticism in Europe H. Robert deserve special attention. Inspiring imagination charm of the character of the famous in due time Galician beauty-adventuress Catherine Starzeriska has found its embodiment in her monumental portrait on the background of landscape (1803) executed by a famous portrait painter Francois Gerard, a pupil of J.-L. David.

Spanish Paintings

Spanish painting is represented by Luis de Morales' picture "Pieta" (the late 16th c.) and F. Goya's sketch "Maja on the Balcony".

The Collection of Dutch and Flemish Art

The collection of Dutch and Flemish art of the 17th fl c. introduces the best achievements of different genres: still-life, landscape, genre painting. "A Man's Portrait" and "The Portrait of a Young Woman" are presented in the exhibition by influence of brilliant Rubens' manner. A couple of paintings of Urtrecht painter Gerrit van Honthorst "Woman with the Guitar" and "Man with the Viola da Gamba" (1631) are regarded to be the recognized masterpieces.

The Collection of Polish Art

The collection of Polish art of the 16th - the first half of the 20th c. is the best in the world out of Poland. The exhibition presents the paintings of outstanding Polish masters of the 19th c.: A. Grottger, J. Matejko (a beautiful picture "The Painter's Children"), J. Kossak, II. Rodakowski, J. Brandt, W. Pruszkowski. The early 20th c. is represented by the works of J. Stanislawski, J. Malczewski ("Christ before Pilate"), J. Mehoffer, J. Falat. Artistic searches of European painters of the early 20th c. are shown by the works of A. Zorn, J. Israels, I. Zuloaga, Z. Menkes, G. Merkel, M. Tozzi.

3, Stefanyk Street, 1928 p. tel. 74.40-47. Is opened every day, except Monday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p. m.

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