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The Lviv Museum of History of Religion was formed in 1973 and it possesses more than 50 thousand exhibits. The museum is placed in the Dominican Church and Monastery.

The museum stock and exposition have the exhibits which are of unique cult, artistic and historical value.

Among them there is a silver Byzantine Reliquary dated back to the 11th c.; it is a chest for keeping the relic of the Saint Arontius the Martyr's body, done by S. Mai, the master.

In the collection of Ukrainian icon - painting of the 15-18th c. (the museum has more than 1000 icons in all) there are real master-pieces of religious painting. There are the icons of Galician painting school of the 15th and 16th c., icons, painted by I. Rutkovych (the 17th c.). Complete portraits of prominent men of the church are kept there.

The stock collection "The Sculpture" has the works of masters, which are considered to be the best examples of Lviv sculpture of the 17-18th c.

In the museum stock one can see the collection "The incunabula" which includes the Bible of the year of 1563, printed in France, a rare sample of Ostroh Bible of 1581, the Korans and the theological texts of the 15-19th c., the most significant in Ukraine collection of the Torah of the 17-20th c.

Among the rare things of sacral art there are bronze encolpions (crosses) of the 12th c., monstrances of the 18th c., crucifixes of the 16-18th c. placed on altar.

The collection "Judaism" has the famous Zhydachiv treasure of the 18th c. (about 50 saving units), found in 1970 in the town of Zhuravno. The treasure is the silver one, among which there are ornaments for the Torah - Crown, shirts and small shields, indications for the Torah reading, ritual candlesticks. All the subjects are of exquisite workmanship.

Befittingly they also present archaeology. In the basement premises of the Dominican Church fce exhibition "The Museum Treasures" is opened. During the archaeological excavations in the crypt of Lviv Church of St. Mary Magdalene in 1995 they found the hidden treasure of 26 gold French coins of the 19th c. For historians and archaeologists of the world three thousand years old burial situated in Ternopil suburb (the latter is presented in the expositional department "The Religions of the Ancient World") made a sensation.

The museum has a specialized library of 30 thousand copies of works of religions studies type which has no analogues in the state.

To the museum there is attached a holographic laboratory which produces holograms of precious cultic things, which can be bought in the museum book-stall.

The museum address: 1, Muzeyna Square, tel.: 72-00-32. Is opened from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with Thursday the day off.

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