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The Museum of Vynnyky Lore, Histoiy and Economy was founded in 1991. The house of the museum was built in 1935. The side of the main entrance of the museum is decorated with an arched overhead cover with stylized decorative columns.

Constantly opened exhibition depicts the history of Vynnyky from the most remote days to present time. The exhibition numbers 13,5 thousand exhibits.

The archaeological collection of the museum is the most numerous and interesting. During the excavations on Lysivka and Zhupan mountains there were found settlements of Trypilian culture which date back to the second millenium B.C. In Chyzhykiv village they found a rich burial place dating back to the first half of the first c. A.D., where there were things of Roman and Greek origin.

The exhibition department "The History of Vynnyky and Outstanding people" has the displays and photocopies of the documents which indicate the town origin and development. The name of Vynnyky origins from the fact that in these environs princes had their own wine cellars and grew a special sort of grapes.

There are exhibited things from the old Vynnyky Castle, the tobacco factory and ancient things of everyday life usage, cultic subjects. "Irmologion" of the year of 1700, which is the first printed BBI noted collection of church songs and also the sculptures of Ferdinand Stuflesser, an Austrian master of the Fra mid-19th c., "St. Ulrich" and "Jesus Christ's Crucifixion" are the most interesting ones.

Nowadays Vynnyky is a picturesque town with a special landscape and historical-archaeological reserve. The town is called "small Switzerland" - the pearl of Lviv region.

The museum address is: 26, Halyts'ka Street, Vynnyky; telephone: 78-43-64.

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