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The State Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Lviv is one of the oldest and richest in scientific naturalistic funds among the museums of Europe. The count W. Dzieduszycki (1825-1899), a well - known zoologist, ethnographer and archaeologist was its founder.

The house of the museum is an architectural relic of the 19th c. (built about M 1830 by Wincent Rawski the elder). The oldest in Europe mechanical lift made in Wienna in the middle of the 19th c. is there. Since 1870 the museum has started to accept some excursions and that year is considered to be its foundation date.

The funds of the museum which amount to about 500 thousand museum sub-jects constitute its basis. Collections and separate natural relics of the world importance are kept there.

The collections of meteorites, amber with the inclusives, exhibits of found in ozocerite mines of Starunya village (The Pre-Car-pathians) mammoth and woolly rhinoceros with preserved internal organs, a gigantic fossilized mollusc ammonoid (about one metre in diametre), unique palae-ontological collections from the Cambrian to the Quarternary period, stuffed mammals and their horns, stuffed birds and birds' eggs, the richest collection of albinos, all flora of the west of Ukraine, ferns from Brazil, collections of regional and tropical beetles and butterflies and many others are among them. The most valuable in the funds of the museum are monographically described samples. Palaeontology alone includes about 850 types of the world scientific catalogues. The museum collection was being formed by hundreds of investigators of nature for almost two hundred years.

The scientific library of the museum amounts to 70 thousand volumes of books on natural history starting from the 16th c. The unique editions with "Naturalis Historiae" by Plinius the Elder (1548) incunabula among them are there.

With the end of thorough repairs taking place now and the exhibition arranging a new stage of the museum activity will start.

One can have a look at some exhibits in fund depository (with scientific aim) after the special permission of the museum administration.

The address is: 18, Teatral'na Street. Telephone: 72-89-17.

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