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Regular transfers by comfortable vans: LVIV - WARSAW, and WARSAW - LVIV.

15€ / 65 PLZ / 400 UAH

Individual orders to/from the airports MODLIN, CHOPIN, BALICE as well as other destinations in Poland and Europe.

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Travel News from Lvivguide.info

Something powerful does bring people back to Lviv again and again, and it certainly isn't the weather. Maybe, besides the attractions of Lviv's museums and parks, its department stores and beloved coffee shops, repeat visitors are irresistibly drawn to what's new.

Recently built Arena Lviv - is a football stadium which was one of the eight UEFA Euro 2012 venues, in preparation for Euro 2012, Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport has undergone a $200m expansion project. it's all happened in 2012.

Because the fact is, wait about five years between visits and you are bound to find plenty you haven't seen before. If you've been away for a spell, here's what you've missed, as well as upcoming events:

Insane Rover 2013

March 16-17, 2013, SKA Velodrome (39a Kleparivska St.)

Velodrome in Lviv

Start packing your stuff guys, put your bikes together, train yourselves up to the best form and store extra bike parts for a meeting up in Lviv, Ukraine on SKA Velodrome on the third annual event of fixed gear cyclists, sportsmen and cycling enthusiasts. We are happy to announce the Insane Rover 2013 will take place on March 16.

City street cyclists will have a chance to send the whole day on the unique Ukrainian indoor wooden velodrome where they are going to experience steep banks, enormous speed, diving from the top of the track and rapid accelerations as well as the mood of the competition. Insane Rover is the first local event in a year after the monotonous stand rolling. Finally again we’re going to meet up, chat, make pictures, simply have lots of fun.

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