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Our trip Lviv – Odessa – Crimea – Lviv is a real Indiana Johns style adventure. Canyons, islands, deserts, rafting, rocky mountains, caves, waterfalls, safari, castles etc. – all that awaits you on our way down to Odessa and Crimea and back to Lvov. We will visit two of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine - Lvov and Odessa. As well the most beautiful wild nature destinations. The program includes such outdoor activities as rafting through the rapids of Southern Bug River and for-day tracking in rocky Crimea Mountains. Optionally we may cycle instead of going on food.

Program of the tour Lviv - Odessa - Crimea
Rafting on Southern Bug

We leave Lvov at 6 a.m. - right after the breakfast - to Nemirov. The distance Lviv – Nemirov is 407 km. Travel time is about 8 hours.

Today’s program includes rafting on Southern Bug River starting from village Vorobiyevka and finishing in Sokolec – all together 20 km. Before the finish we will come across a rapid called Kiev – the same as the capital of Ukraine.

Eventually we will stay in the hotel situated on the bank of Southern Bug River in 15 km from Nemirov – the former mansion of Count Potocky.

Southern Bug

On the opposite bank of the river of South Bug we will visit old park that belonged to Count Potocky, a church from 1764 and a watermill on the riverbank.

After the breakfast we will start with the another rafting trip on South Bug between Sokolec and Breslav. Quiet and calm part of the river will be followed by rapids so the will be the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as have a bit of adrenalin. The distance between Sokolec and Breslav is 26 km.

Later, on our way to Pervomaysk we may visit remaining of …. – the biggest one between rivers Dnister and Dniepr. The distance between Nemirov and Pervomaysk is 221 km. Time of travel - about 4,5 hours. Eventually we will in the hotel in Grushevka on Southern Bug river bank.

Aktovskyj Canyon

After the breakfast we will have the most interesting part of rafting on Southern Bug River – 6-kilometers long Migeya rapids. After that we will continue rafting through the landscape park Bug’s Gard.

After we finish rafting we will track through Aktovskyj Canyon – probably the most interesting part of the landscape park Bug’s Gard. Aktovskyj Canyon is an interesting 40-50 meters deep granite rocks formation.

River Mertvovod runes through the narrow Aktovskyj Canyon. The name of the river could be translated as "dead water" - what name actually reflects the situation with high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the water.

Transfer to Odessa. The distance Pervomaysk – Odessa is 221 km. Travel time – about 4,5 hours. This night we will in a hotel in Odessa.

Opera House in Odessa

After the breakfast we will have a guided tour in Odessa. At its 100th anniversary Odessa already was the 4th largest city in Russian Empire in terms of population and economic development after St. Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw.

After the midday we will drive to the former fisherman village Rybakovka. on our way to Rybakovka as an option we might visit one of the biggest in Ukraine water park Koblevo. The distance Odessa – Rybakovka is 92 km. Travel time about 2 hours. We will stay overnight in Rybakovka in the hotel near Black Sea coast. Before or after the lunch we may go swimming into the sea.

In the case if the group wish to visit Oleshkov Desert next day, we will move farther to the city Kherson. The distance Odessa – Kherson is 201 km. The traveling time is about 4 hours.

Travel to Oleshkov Desert

Today we may choose one of the three possible itineraries. The first option is the island Berezan that is situated in Black Sea 1,5 km. from the land. In the ancient time here was the oldest on the northern Black Sea coast Greek settlement Borisfenida, that was founded in the VII century B.C.

Another option is a unique as for European continent phenomena – Oleshkovka Desert. Oleshkovka Desert is in fact a semi-deserted region of the size about 15x20 km. surrounded by a ring of pine forest. The dunes here are about 5-7 high. In the summer time the send here hits up to about 75 degrees causing upcoming thermal activities so the clouds over Oleshkovska desert are rear.

And eventually the last option as for this day is a visit to Khorly peninsula. Only narrow lend passage 1,5 kilometers width connects Khorly peninsula with the lend. Khorly peninsula hosts populations of seagulls, cranes and gannets. A little heaven with the abandoned beaches.

The distance between Rybakovka and Simferopol is 414 km. The travel time is about 8 hours. Accommodation in the hotel in Simferopol. If we will travel via Oleshkovska Desert, the distance Kherson – Simferopol is 264 km. The travel time is about 5 hours.

Marble Cave

At this point we will start the for-days mountain track that we will cover on foot or by bikes. We will stay overnights in camping, but also there is an option to continue the trip by bus and stay overnights in the hotels.

At first we will climb Chter-Dag mountain plateau, where we will visit one or two caves. Marble Cave is one of the most visited in Europe and it is also on the list of the seven wonders of nature of Ukraine. Not far from Marble Cave there is not list wonderful and big cave called Emine-Bair-Khosar (Mammoth Cave).

We will stay overnight here on the plateau Chatyr-Dag in the camping Onex-Tour. The distance – 12 km.

Chatyr-Dag plateau

We will start out trip along the age of Chatyr-Dag plateau, passing numerous caves, some of which will be available for visiting. Chatyr-Dag plateau is a typical plateau of Crimean Mountains. The table-type mountains here are divided by the deep volley. These plateaus were often used as summer-time pastures that is reflected in the world of Turkish origin „yayla”. An average Crimean yayla lays at the attitude about 1000 meters above sea level.

At the farther edge of the plateau we will climb a mount Angar-Burun (1453m.) – an amazing panorama where Crimean Mountains suddenly low down to the Black Sea. Tonight we will stay in camping called School Valley. The distance - 10 km.

The Valley of Ghosts

At first we will descent to Angarsky by-pass after which will follow another hard climb – to plateau Demerdzhi. Before the climb we may visit the middle-age fortress Funa..

Though, the most interesting part of today’s itinerary is probably The Valley of Ghosts. Apparently, someone made a mistake in the past naming this place a valley, because we, for instance, will climb it 600 m. up a pretty steep slope. So it rather remains a gorge. “The Ghosts” are in fact funny rocky formations and stones winded and washed out of the solid rock of the plateau.

Then we rich the summit of South Demerdzhi (1239 m.), which is another amazing viewpoint, and continue to Lake Dzhurla. Here we will camp overnight. The distance – 10 km.

Demerdzhi Mountain

Today our itinerary at first goes along the north edge of Demerdzhi plateau. We will pass a pine forest, when Dzhurla source with cool mountain water and when we will visit waterfall Dzhurla.

From Dzhurla waterfall we will continue along the south edge of Demerdzhi, from where there will be a wonderful view in the direction of the sea coast: numerous rocky formations of the most extraordinary shapes and sizes with deep-blue Black Sea as a background.

After we will continue along a narrow path to the camping-site Khapkhal. By the end of the day we should reach the highest and the most powerful waterfall in Crimea - Dzhur-Dzhur. It is 12 meters high. The distance – 10 km.

Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall

After the breakfast we will descent down to village Generalskoye. Transfer Generalskoye – Askania Nova. The distance between Generalskoye and Askania Nova is 296 km. Traveling time – 3 hours.

Safari in Askania Nova by a carriage to Big Crane's Lake. Travel time – 3 hours. Askania-Nova is a biosphere reserve located in dry Taurida steppe. Askania-Nova consists of a zoological park, a botanical garden, and an open territory of virgin steppes. In addition to local species it hosts ostriches, bisons, antelopes, wild horses, llamas, zebras and many bird species. More than 200 species of foliaceous and coniferous plants were brought from different parts of the world and planted in the dendrologic garden during 1885 - 1902.

Askania Nova

After the breakfast we will have a two-hour excursion to the step of Askania Nova.

The nature reserve Askania Nova was established in 1898 by Friedrich-Jacob Eduardovych Falz-Fein around the German colony of Askania-Nova. In 1919 Askania Nova was confiscated from the Falz-Fein family by the Red Army as part of the state nationalization programme. In 1983, Askania-Nova was reorganized into a biosphere reserve and the following year it was designated as the Soviet member of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO.

Transfer Askania Nova – Uman. The distance is 486 km. Travel time – 9,5 hours. Accommodation in hotel Sofia in park Sofievka.

Park Sofievka

After the breakfast we will have a visit to Park Sofiyivka. Sofiyivka is a scenic landmark of world gardening design at the beginning of 19th century. Every composition or architectural form here expresses an idea from Gomer’s “Iliad” or “Odyssey”. The park accounts for over 2,000 types of trees and brush (local and exotic) among which are taxodium (marsh cypress), Weymouth Pine, tulip tree, platanus, ginkgo, and many others. Marble statues of the heroes of Iliad and Odyssey, numerous fountains, artificial waterfalls and grottos could be found here.

Sofiyivka was founded by Count Stanisław Szczęsny Potocki. The park is named after his Greek wife Sofia and was built in 1802, it was a gift of Statinslaw Potocki to his wife on her birthday.

Transfer Uman – Lviv. The distance is 521 km. Travel time is about 9 hours.

Total distance of the trip:

  • 2700 km. – by bus
  • 50 - 70 km. – by foot or by bike
  • 46 km. – of rafting
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