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Walking routes in Znesinnia Park

Walking routes in Znesinnia Park

Znesinnia Park, despite its central location and a big territory, is crossed by hundreds of paths, each of which might be a walking route. From a learning point of view there seems to be a very interesting long route, which starts from city centre, from upper part of Kryvonosa street. When Kryvonosa street comes into Opryshkivska street, we should turn right and pass a college training ground to get to the improvised gateway entrance to Znesinnia Park. Just after the entrance there is a children's playground. On the right there is Leo's Hill (also called by mistake Bald Hill) with a cross on the top to commemorate all those Leopolitans, who perished in the Afghan war. The path leads to administrative office of Znesinnia Park. On Dovbusha street, above which on the hill there is«a former Cathedral of Saint Wojciech. The track passes another playground to come to steps from earth, which traverse a western slope of Kaiserwald. It is possible to turn either radically left to come down to a former sand quarry and a small lake; or slightly left to come to a clearing with an alcove, and from which a big part of Znesinnia Park is seen. When taking right and straight the route will go along a neglected and partly dilapidated road, built in the end of the 19th century along a northern slope. But the most interesting is a walk into a lower part of the Park. We go left, along the quarry rib, which separates a big clearing with a lake from cemetery. The path runs into Zaklynskykh street, which leads to Ascension Church, a nice example of sacral architecture of the beginning of the 20th century. From the Church Staroznesenska street becomes a track towards Kryvchytsi; but if you turn right near the statue of Virgin Mary, you may come to the top of Baba or Rid Hill. The top of the Hill there was a pagan shrine and prehistoric settlement. In the vicinity of this Hill in 1918 there were severe fights for control of Pidzamche railway station, from which railway road was spreading to Sokal,Ternopil, and Lychakiv.The Hill is a good sightseeing place to watch the trains to and from Lviv.

Walk across Vysokyy Zamok

A Walk across Vysokyy Zamok

Vysokyy Zamok Park is associated first of all with panorama of Lviv, as the Hill tops the very centre of the city.

The mount of Union of Lublin is not the only attraction of the Park. A bit lower, just opposite to the TV Centre there is the only remaining defensive wall from Kazymir's Castle; and a stone lion, taken here from the City Hall. To get to the sightseeing area there are steps from southeastern and western slopes. But ascending the mound is not the only option for walking. If you come to the central alley from Kryvonosa street and go straight on, you will come across a big stone with slightly visible words in Polish. This stone served as pedestal for monument to Sobiesky, which stood in the centre of the city. When the monument was dismantled and taken to Poland, the pedestal was brought to Vysokyy Zamok. When the ally is divided near western flight of steps there is a commemorative plate with a promise from the city to build on this place a monument to a Cossack colonel Maxym Kryvonos, who seized the fortress for the first time in its history during Bohdan Khmelnytskyy's war.

The right wing of the alley is making an arc around a western slope of the Park. On the right there is Pidzamche area with railway station of the same name; Zamarstyniv; Church (and fortress) of Saint Paraskeva Friday, industrial and residential areas. In the western part there is an artificial grotto from 19th centuries with two stone lions and steps.

The alley circles the Hill and leads to house of gardener and restaurant Vysokyy Zamok, where a cobbled road starts. From the alley to the right there is a descent to Zamkova street- a 10-minute-walk, and you are in the downtown.

On the way to TV Centre there is a lower sightseeing cite, from where you can admire numerous cathedral domes and City Hall Tower.

walk across Vynnykivskyy Woods

A walk across Vynnykivskyy Woods

As the Park is away from the city, it is better to get there from Lysynychi direction (city bus Ne 217) or other public transport, going to Vynnyky (to the bus stop Ozero). Majority of walking routes come to the Cliffs. From the bus stop you can take a rather steep road at the entrance to Vynnykivskyy Woods. The road crosses the railways, and becomes even, going along a ravine side and meeting other roads from Lysynychi direction. From time to time there is a yellow-white marking on the trees, thus there are no big chances to lose the way. An even stage is finished by an abrupt but not very long climb to a clearing, from which Cliffs are seen on the left. A bit further, and you are near them. Now you can have a rest and make a fire, have protection against wind and rain (in the outside cliff there is a natural arc). On the way back to Lviv you can go across Lysynychi woods and come to Tract Hlynianskyy. At first the road, which is a serpentine, could be slippery, especially during rain. In these situations tourist shoes are the best option. Then the road became gentler and leads to a first private building in Lysynychi. Across the forest there is a water reservoir. The road takes to Tract Hlynianskyy, and eventually to tram Ns 2 stop or public transport in the upper part of Lychakivska street.


Local walking route 511 (Opryshkivska street — Chernecha Hora street)

  • The route starts at the entrance to a regional landscape Park Znesinnia from a western direction of 18 Opryshkivska street, around 100 meters to the bottom of Vysokyy Zamok Hill. End of the route is in the southern part of Park Znesinnia at the end of Chernecha Hora street, where it crosses with an asphalted park alley. The route distance is 0,9 kilometer.
  • The route goes along Leo's Hill, Stephan's Hill, Zmiyina Hill; Church of Josaphat and all Ukrainian martyrs; Museum of Folk Architecture, entrance to which is only 200 meters from the route end.
  • Surface: Surface: 45% of asphalt and 55% of soil road

Local walking route 512 (Lisna street — Bohdanivska street)

  • Start of the route is near entrance to Znesinnia Park from Lisna street End of the route is an asphalted site at the crossroad of Marunka street and Bohdanivska street. Distance: 2,1 kilometers
  • The route goes along Stephan's Hill, Zmiyina Hill; Khomets Hill; Museum of Folk Architecture
  • Surface: a forest path, 1 % of asphalt only.
  • A difficult area is a stage along the fence of Museum of Folk Architecture. A narrow distance (0,5 meter) between the fence and a steep slope; there is a risk of falling in winter or rainy weather. Near Khomets Hill, when crossing the railway there is a danger of a train.

Local walking route 514 (Medovoyi Pechery street — Lysynychi)

  • Start of the route is at the end of Medovoyi Pechery street, a turn to motocross cite. End of the route is a southern part of Lysynychi (near Church of Saint Paraskevia) Distance: 4,8 kilometers
  • The route goes along Medova cave, two natural springs, Vynnykivske lake, Devil's Cliffs of volcanic origin
  • Surface: soil road; 100 meters of asphalted road A difficult area is when crossing the motorway near Vynnykivske lake

Local walking route 517 (Pohulyanka street — Pasichna street)

  • Start of the route is 26 Pohulyanka street. End of the route is 62A Pasichna street, near the Military Lyceum Distance: 0,8 kilometer
  • The route goes near a natural spring in the Pohulyanka Park, along the boundary of the Botanic Garden of Lviv national University Surface: a forest path

Local walking route 518 (Zamkova street — Opryshkova street)

  • Start of the route is 2 Zamkova street. End of the route is parking area at Opryshkivska street, at the bottom of Vysokyy Zamok. Distance: 0,9 kilometers
  • The route goes across Park Vysokyy Zamok, at the bottom of Vysokyy Zamok Hill; monument to Maxym Kryvonos

Local walking route 519 (Tchaikovskogo street — Vitovskogo street)

  • Start of the route is 39 Tchaikovskogo street End of the route is 23 Vitovskogo street Distance: 0,9 kilometers
  • The route goes along Citadel fortifications from the end of 19th century Surface: 80% of asphalt; 20% of soil road

Local walking route 520 (Vitovskogo street — Stryiska street)

  • Start of the route is main entrance to City Park named after Bohdan Khmelnytskyy End of the route is exit from the City Park named after Bohdan Khmelnytskyy near Monument of Glory. Distance: 0,5 kilometers
  • The route goes along the main alley of the park
  • Surface: 100% of asphalt

Local walking route 525 (Stusa street — Zelena street)

  • Start of the route is 23 Stusa street (entrance to Snopkivskyy Park) End of the route is 102 Zelena street Distance: 1,4 kilometers
  • The route goes across Snopkivskyy Park, along Stadium Ukrayina; in the end of the route there is a lake Green Eye, and a spring. Surface: 40% of asphalt; 60% of soil road

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