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We believe that we’ve chosen the most interesting selection of 1-day or 2-day out-of-town bus trips for you to choose from. Our bus trips give you the opportunity to visit the most fascinating places in the Galych, Podolia, Transcarpathian and Volyn Regions, beginning with visits to castles and caves and ending with wine tastings and rare bird watchings.


Departure from Lviv (10:00) – Olesko – Pidhirtsi – Zolochiv – Return to Lviv (18:00)

Olesko. Everyone should visit the “Olesko Castle” museum-park, which dates back to the 14th-18th centuries. The castle, located on top of a hill, is one of the oldest in the region (first built in 1390), and its exhibition recreates an atmosphere of cultural and artistic life of centuries past. The castle boasts one of Europe’s largest collections of wooden sculptures, which includes masterpieces by Johann Georg Pinzel. At night, the souls of the lovers Adam Zholkevskyj and the daughter of the castle’s owner, Martsiana, roam the castle. Other buildings of note that adorn the town of Olesko are the Capuchin Monastery, St. Anthony’s Church (1739), and the Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity (1545).

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Solty Way

Departure from Lviv (8:00) – Stryi (a walk around the city and a visit to the Verkhovyna Museum) – Pidhirtsi (a visit to the palace and church) – Nahuyevychi (visits to the regional and literary-memorial museums) – Truskavets (lunch and museums) – Drohobych (an excursion around the city’s center, its churches, and saltworks) – Medenychi (zoo) – Return to Lviv (21:00)

Stryi. The third largest city in the Lviv oblast, Stryi strategically lies at the crossroads of several ancient trade routes. It is home to many tourist attractions, including the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1395), one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in Ukraine; the Great Synagogue (1817), the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the former Church of Mary Magdalene of the Franciscan Monastery) dating back to the 16th century, and the People’s House (Narodniy Dim), which was one of the centers of cultural life in Galicia before World War I.

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Kamianets-Podilskyi in Podole

Day 1 (Saturday) – Departure from Lviv (8:00) – Kamyanets-Podilski (check-in, lunch, excursion, free time)

Day 2 (Sunday) – Kamyanets-Podilski (breakfast, check-out and departure at 9:00) – Khotyn – Kryvche – Return to Lviv (21:00)

Accommodations: “7 Days” Hotel in Kamyanets-Podilski. Comfortable single and double rooms with in-room amenities. Kamyanets-Podilski is a fantastic city, one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to its location on the picturesque Smotrych River and the dense concentration of architectural landmarks.

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Archeological Stilsko

Departure from Lviv (8:00) – Mykolaiv (a visit to the cave temples of the White Croats dating back to the 7th-10th centuries) – Stil’sko (panoramic view of the Stil’sko settlement) – Dubrova (a visit to the Kolodnytsya River dams and a temple complex that is home to the gigantic sacrificial Diravets Stone) – Stil’sko village (lunch and a visit to the Prince’s Kremlin and defensive walls) – Iliv (exploration of several caves from the 8th-10th centuries) – Return to Lviv (19:30)

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Transcarpathian Tour

Day 1 (Saturday): Departure from Lviv (8:00) – Sanatorium ‘Karpaty’. Schoenborn Palace (excursion) – Mukachevo (lunch and castle excursion) – Berehove (a swim in the thermal pools, wine tasting) – Berehove area (lodging in Hungarian-type rural homes угорських зелених садибах, check-in at 21:30)

Day 2 (Sunday): Breakfast, check-out, and departure (8:00) – Nyzhnje Selyshche (cheese degustation) – Iza (hand-made items made of woven willow) – Soimy-Kelechyn (degustation of several unique types of mineral water) – Pylypets (lunch, a visit to the Shypit Waterfall, and an ascent up Mt. Hymba via chairlift) – Return to Lviv (22:30)

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Hutsul Region

Day 1 (Saturday): Departure from Lviv (8:00) – Pniv (a visit to the castle) – Dora (excursion around the monastery) – Yaremche (waterfall, Hutsulshchyna Restaurant, souvenir shopping, lunch) – Bukovel’ (ascent to the top of Mt. Bukovel’ via chairlift for a panoramic view of the Carpathians) – Palyanytsya (hotel check-in at 19:30, Hutsul social)

Day 2 (Sunday): Breakfast, check-out and departure (8:00) – Verkhovyna (a visit to the Museum “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, excursion and concert in the Roman Kumlyk Museum) – Kryvorivnya (a visit to Hrazhda Houses [Hutsul-style houses]) – Verkhnii Yaseniv (lunch) – Yavoriv (if time permits, shopping for handmade wool blankets and Kosiv ceramics) – Kolomiya (an excursion around the town, a visit to a museum and a classic Hutsul church) – Return to Lviv (22:30)

Accommodations: A hotel in the village of Palyanytsya; comfortable rooms for 2-4 people with amenities.

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