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Archeological Stilsko

Departure from Lviv (8:00) – Mykolaiv (a visit to the cave temples of the White Croats dating back to the 7th-10th centuries) – Stil’sko (panoramic view of the Stil’sko settlement) – Dubrova (a visit to the Kolodnytsya River dams and a temple complex that is home to the gigantic sacrificial Diravets Stone) – Stil’sko village (lunch and a visit to the Prince’s Kremlin and defensive walls) – Iliv (exploration of several caves from the 8th-10th centuries) – Return to Lviv (19:30)

Stil’sko. Stil’sko is a unique historical and cultural complex (8th-10th centuries) that was once the central governing town of the Great (White) Croatia. This area is composed of cliffs, caves, natural altars, and underground labyrinths. Fortification walls totaling 10 kilometers in length once surrounded 250 hectares of the Stil’sko town, the largest of its kind amongst similar ancient Slavic settlements. Central colonies of the pagan and, eventually, Christian cults of the White Croats have been discovered in Mykolaiv, Stil’sko, Dibrova, and Iliv. This whole unique complex spans a territory of 200 square kilometers, and is a remarkable testament to Ukrainian culture and history; there is truly nothing like it anywhere else in Europe.

PLEASE NOTE! Your tour guide around the Stil’sko settlement will be Orest Korchynskyj, an archeologist with a Ph.D. in History. Orest discovered and is the exclusive researcher of the Stil’sko settlement; he has been studying this complex for over 30 years.

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