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Regular transfers by comfortable vans: LVIV - WARSAW, and WARSAW - LVIV.

15€ / 65 PLZ / 400 UAH

Individual orders to/from the airports MODLIN, CHOPIN, BALICE as well as other destinations in Poland and Europe.

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Departure from Lviv (10:00) – Olesko – Pidhirtsi – Zolochiv – Return to Lviv (18:00)

Olesko. Everyone should visit the “Olesko Castle” museum-park, which dates back to the 14th-18th centuries. The castle, located on top of a hill, is one of the oldest in the region (first built in 1390), and its exhibition recreates an atmosphere of cultural and artistic life of centuries past. The castle boasts one of Europe’s largest collections of wooden sculptures, which includes masterpieces by Johann Georg Pinzel. At night, the souls of the lovers Adam Zholkevskyj and the daughter of the castle’s owner, Martsiana, roam the castle. Other buildings of note that adorn the town of Olesko are the Capuchin Monastery, St. Anthony’s Church (1739), and the Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity (1545).

Pidhirtsi. The Konetspolsky’s Pidhirtsi Castle and Park (1635) was once considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. It is also one of the best architectural examples of a renaissance style palace with bastion fortifications. Other notable buildings in the town of Pidhirtsi are the ornately decorated St. Joseph Church (1763) and the Monastery of the Order of St. Basil the Great (1706). The size of the old Rus settlement of Plisnetsk (1188) is quite impressive: covering an area of over 160 hectares, it was once one of the biggest cities in Europe. Nothing in Ukraine compares to this unique area made up of the old Rus settlement of Plisnetsk, the Monastery buildings, Pidhirtsi Castle and Park, St. Joseph Church, a drive-in tavern, and an 18th century brewery.

Zolochiv. Zolochiv is a city in Western Ukraine that is rich in historical attractions, the central jewel of which is the Zolochiv Castle (1634) and its Chinese Palace (only one of three left in Europe). According to a local legend, the mysterious Templar stones with two wreaths engraved on them can make secret wishes come true and, as a result, stir up much curiosity in visitors of the castle. You also have the opportunity to visit Zolochiv’s 14th century courtyard defensive arsenal, St. Nicholas’ Church (16th century) and Church of the Resurrection (1624), as well as the Catholic Church of the Ascension of the Lord (1731).

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