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Regular transfers by comfortable vans: LVIV - WARSAW, and WARSAW - LVIV.

15€ / 65 PLZ / 400 UAH

Individual orders to/from the airports MODLIN, CHOPIN, BALICE as well as other destinations in Poland and Europe.

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Kamianets-Podilskyi in Podole

Day 1 (Saturday) – Departure from Lviv (8:00) – Kamyanets-Podilski (check-in, lunch, excursion, free time)

Day 2 (Sunday) – Kamyanets-Podilski (breakfast, check-out and departure at 9:00) – Khotyn – Kryvche – Return to Lviv (21:00)

Accommodations: “7 Days” Hotel in Kamyanets-Podilski. Comfortable single and double rooms with in-room amenities. Kamyanets-Podilski is a fantastic city, one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to its location on the picturesque Smotrych River and the dense concentration of architectural landmarks.

Highlights of the trip include: a visit to the old fortress (13th-18th century), St. Peter and Paul Cathedral (16th century), a minaret with a statue of the Virgin Mary, the oldest town hall in Ukraine (15th century), a walk through the streets of the Old Town where you can take in the beauty that has been harmoniously created by both man and nature.

Khotyn. The impenetrable Khotyn Fortress (13th-20th centuries), a favorite among tourists and filmmakers alike, to this day amazes visitors with its 40 meter-high walls, 65 meter-deep well and breathtaking panoramic views of the Dniester River. The fortress played an important role in the lives of many historical figures, and it will without a doubt make an impression on you during your visit.

Kryvche. The walls of Crystal Cave’s endless labyrinths are covered with multi-colored gypsum crystals, crystals that, with their luster, can charm you into never wanting to leave. The Crystal Cave is the most explored cave in the Ternopil Region, and although only a few kilometers of its labyrinths are open to the public, its official total length reaches 22 kilometers. The gypsum cave was formed over 14 million years, and maintains a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius.

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